• 100% water proof, can be used anywhere indoors
  • Environment friendly, non-formaldehyde.
  • Fire-protection rating Bf1 
  • High wearing feature
  • Moisture proof and anti skid
  • Antibacterial
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • React real wood grain, adjust different color according to requirement. 
  • Performs well between the temperature -20℃ to 60℃  
  • Minimizes sound 
  • 30 Year Limited Warranty
  • 5 Year limited warranty for light commercial use


Like our AquaFloor and AquaPlus lines, AquaLuuuz is 100% Waterproof! It is a great option for a regularly wet floor.  Loose lay vinyl plank flooring is designed to keep moisture and water above the floor long enough that it can be cleaned up before getting through to the sub floor.

Colour to the Left: Geneva


AquaLuuuz is very easy to install, there is no need for nails, staples, or glue. The planks install flush to the walls, right up against them. No expansion gap is needed, because AquaLuuuz won't expand or contract. Each plank also installs flush with the surrounding plank securely. The bottom surface creates a good amount of friction, almost gripping the sub floor underneath it.

Colour to the right: Copenhagen


AquaLuuuz is easy to install, thick, durable, and attractive. This product line benefits from the same technologies that are making laminate and other vinyl products resemble the wood looks they are designed to replicate with great detail. 

Colour to the left: Istanbul

Spec Sheet Downloads

AquaLuuuz Spec Sheet - High Res (pdf)


AquaLuuuz Spec Sheet - Web (pdf)