Introducing AquaPlus with Attached Husssh2 Underpad, Colour Liverpool





22.6 sf per box

30 year warranty

4 3/4" x 3/4

Handscraped Oak is an attractive choice of flooring. Oak has a natural colour variation and a beautifully coarse grain. 

Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice of flooring that never goes out of style. Each plank of hardwood floor has its own unique pattern and characteristics. 

Hardwood is a moderately warm flooring material that maintains a relatively even temperature at all times of the year. Hardwood is compatible with underfloor radiant heating systems, which allows you to keep them toasty even in the winter.

Wood floors usually have a moderate amount of give underfoot. This is especially true when they are installed on joists, or over under pad. However, you should avoid installing it directly on concrete, as this can lead to it being very rigid, and uncomfortable.

Hardwood can also be very loud when heard by neighbors or family members who live down below. However, installing an under pad can help to solve these issues.