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In our collections, you can find a matching accessories for the laminate, vinyl and engineered hardwood. No matter where in the home you install flooring, you need transitions, underlay and Steps for stairs for a smooth installation and can be sure it will be a beautiful, eye-catching statement with a durable surface.

NAF Aquaplus Steps & Risers

Using AQUA's technology of extremely stable, high performing, completely water-proof, fire retardant, skid resistant, and high density solid core flooring that resists indentation. AquaPlus Stairs & Risers can now be easily installed on different types of stairs bases such as concrete, ceramic, or existing flooring, allowing you to keep your flooring choice consistent throughout your project.   It is environmentally friendly as it is 100% formaldehyde free and is made out of stone -plastic composite.  Since it is completely waterproof, you don’t have to worry about  kids spilling, or pet accidents.

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NAF Oak Hardwood Unfinished Steps & Risers

"Crafted from premium oak, our unfinished steps and risers offer timeless elegance and unmatched durability for your staircase project. Each step and riser showcases the natural beauty of oak hardwood, featuring intricate grain patterns and rich tones that add warmth and character to any space. With their unfinished surface, you have the freedom to customize and finish them to your desired look, whether it's a sleek modern stain or a classic natural varnish. Elevate your home with the enduring beauty and quality of NAF oak hardwood unfinished steps and risers."

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Husssh! Superior Acoustic Pad

Husssh! Superior Acoustic Pad is Excellent for all floating Laminates & Engineered Wood Floors.  Also, this underpadding is suitable for use over Concrete and Wood Sub-Floors. Designed to provide exceptional soundproofing and insulation, this underpad is a game-changer for your home or office. With its advanced technology, it effectively reduces noise transmission and enhances the acoustics of any space. Say goodbye to unwanted noise disruptions and hello to a peaceful environment. Don't settle for less when it comes to "Husssh! brand" - choose our Acoustic Underpad and experience the greatness yourself!


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Husssh! II Premium Hight Density Acoustic Pad

Husssh! II Premium Hight Density Acoustic Pad is recommended for SPC Vinyl Click & Engineered Hardwood. Don't settle for less when it comes to "Husssh! brand" - choose our Acoustic Underpad and experience the greatness yourself!


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Congratulations!! on your floor installation, but there’s one more step to finish a new floor—the moldings. The floor moldings provide coverage over expansion gaps and create a finished look around the edges of a room, both on the wall and transitioning to other rooms. Let’s explore the floor molding types and what you will need for your project. It’s much easier to order moldings, trim and transition pieces with your flooring, so deciding what you need first will help your install run smoothly. We carry matching T-moldings, Reducers & Stair-nosings for most of our products.

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